Founded in 1999 in Israel, Kramer Davidovich has in-depth knowledge and expertise in the range of communication challenges in today’s fast, paced, competitive marketplace. As a leading consulting firm specializing in strategic communication, crisis management, and PR, we provide our services to a diverse range of clients, from large-scale global and local industry players to mid-size companies and government agencies, to non-profit, philanthropy-based organizations and high-stakes, innovative ventures.


Our unique approach, team of experts, and years of experience and knowledge of the field empower our clients with effective and creative communication strategies across all channels. We play a critical role in defining and achieving our clients' goals while guiding public perception and media coverage for our clients.

At KD, our unwavering commitment to our clients is at the heart of everything we do.  We deliver results and impact through effective teamwork, broad experience, and a profound understanding of relevant media as well as the public and business environments. Our trustworthy and discreet team provides personal and customized services.


We develop tailored work plans and strategies that integrate legal and regulatory issues, stakeholder concerns, and more. Our methodology involves applying client-centric strategy that generates successful outcomes.

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Managing Partner & CEO

Eli is an experienced strategic consultant and crisis manager with over 20 years of experience in the business and public sectors. He has extensive experience in public and regulatory disputes, economic and planning matters, and in opening markets for competition in various fields. Eli has a legal education and broad experience in finance, investment funds, energy, infrastructure, venture capital, fundraising, and debt arrangements.

Managing Partner & CEO

With over 25 years of experience, Iftah is an expert in strategic and media consultancy and crisis management in both the public and private sectors, domestically and internationally. He has been actively involved in diverse activities across a range of industries, including infrastructure, energy, industry, economic impact, sustainability, and more. Additionally, Iftah worked for more than ten years as a spokesperson and media consultant in the public sector.

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