Public sector & regulation

At KD, we provide strategic and media consulting to key players in the public sector in Israel. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities in this landscape and offer customized solutions that address our clients’ specific goals and challenges.


Over the years, we have worked with the Bank of Israel and its supervisory authority, state-owned enterprises, and national infrastructure companies. Our expertise lies in simplifying the complexities and challenges of the public arena, and providing tailored solutions over various media platforms.


We have extensive experience in supporting government committees that address critical public issues and attract the media’s attention. Our successful projects include the Kdemi Committee, which aimed to reduce the cost of living, the Shekan Committee, which promoted competition among banks, and the Ministry of Interior's biometric passports project. Furthermore, we have supported important national initiatives such as the protection of Israel’s coastal cliffs and national infrastructure companies that specialize in energy-related projects.


Among our clients:

Bank of Israel | Ministry of Economy and Industry | Ministry of Construction and Housing | Minisrty of Interior | The Mediterranean Coastal Cliffs Preservation | Ashkelon District Municipal Environmental Association | The Zaken Committee (examined the competition among the banks) | The Kedmi Committee (examined prices and competition in Israel's food and consumer goods market)