Technology & innovation

At KD, we specialize in providing strategic and media solutions for companies ranging from start-ups to leading tech companies and investment funds.


Today’s evolving environment means that companies must compete to attract top talent, secure funding, and develop new, innovative products. To achieve these goals and foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing, companies of all sizes seek to enhance their public and media exposure both locally and internationally.


At KD, we offer a range of strategic services, including brand strategy, media relations and crisis management, social media campaigns, websites, content creation and mapping industry-specific conferences. We also provide our clients tailored solutions to increase their media profile.


Among our clients:

Premira Investments | FinTech startup BIZI | ABB Israel | BDO Cybersecurity Center | NanoScent | NAM | Bright Way Vision | Capital Nature | Neurosense Therapeutics | SOSA | The DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival |