Education, NGOs and health

At KD, we provide strategic media solutions and services to leading educational and healthcare institutions and NGOs promoting social welfare, mental health, food security, and more. Our expertise lies in developing and executing media and digital campaigns that raise awareness of our clients' activities and services.


Our team takes a game-changing approach that creates impact and generates positive social outcomes. Our strategic added value enables us to understand the variety of arenas in which our clients operate, and develop customized crisis management plans that are tailored to each client's specific needs.


By creating PR and media campaigns that raise awareness about important social, educational, and healthcare issues, build trust with stakeholders, and promote our clients’ missions, we enhance their visibility and reputation. We help our clients attract students, employees, and funds, and shed a light on their unique areas of expertise, distinguishing them from others.


Among our clients:

The Joint Israel | SCE – Shamoon College of Eingineering | The Ankori High School Network | The Tel-Aviv Foundation (Keren Tel-Aviv) | The Society for the Advancement of Education | Rouach Tova ("Good Spirit") by Arison Group | Shalom Hartman Institute | Aluma | Enosh - The Israeli Mental Health Association | Leket Israel | Rambam Health Care Campus | Maccabi Healthcare services | The Hebrew University |The Academic College of Tel-Aviv – Yaffo