Real estate

At KD, we have extensive experience in consulting to clients in the real estate sector. With our deep understanding of the real estate industry’s challenges and opportunities, we offer a range of services including strategic planning, media relations, crisis management, digital marketing, and more.


Our services are specifically tailored to the financial aspects of real estate projects, from investments and funding to private investments and the mortgage market. Our clients range from private companies and publicly traded companies, at both the local and national levels. We have worked on projects ranging from construction and building projects to urban planning and public space planning and execution.


As the trend toward sustainable construction grows, we offer our specialized knowledge to projects that prioritize eco-friendly and energy-efficient building practices.


Among our clients:

Hanson | Ytong – Inrom Group | ABB Israel | Quarries | EMI | Anglo Saxon Projects | Yanushevsky E. Engeneering & Construction LTD | The Tel Aviv Foundation